Ferrin' PFDs

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Ah' jus' acquired a high flotation, high qualitee, sooper comfertabool rescue lifevest dats Canadian Coastguard an' ULC (Underwriter Labs o' Canada) approved, but doesn't say nuttin' about USCG approval. So, now ah's reckon's dat it ain't legal here in de U.S. o' A. as me primary pfd an' gots ta carry a cheapo "token" USCG approved one in me canoo ta keep yer's truly fro' becomin' an epeesode on America's Most Wanted teleevizoon show.

(Hey, ah's kin' always carry a box o' Tim Horton donuts an' aar fresheners fro' Canadian Tire an' tell dem water cops dat ah's a Canadian dat paddled a wee bit too fer south an' got lost... Eh, hoser!)

So wat ah' now reads on de USCG website be dat dems are gonna be messin' wit de regulations consoynin' dis matter in de future. Anyone one o' ye P-Netters know any more about dis stuff? Thanky kindly.


It is illegal if they get technical and
wnt to check.

We have some high end ones from Canada that we occasionally use, in between using or Lotus and Astral (I won’t go into details).

We call them our cheater PFD’s, and we checked and yes they are not USCG approved.

jack L

Just take a magic marker and write “Approved by USCG” on the inside (Us Canoe Guys).

No not legal here-must say USCG apprvd
But why dont you just carry some Canadian beer (Molson or Labatts) and backbacon ! that should work… Just kidding

Just have Miss Crabtree show 'em
her new Astral Bella and nobody’s gonna pay you no nevermind.

Hey FE, could you post a picture of the
PFD? I’ve been looking for a particular one for a couple of years but have not been able to find it. It’s very thin with ribs that go all the way around. I never thought it might be Canadian. Thanks FE

Technically, it is

Wassa mattuh? Yu no speaka da Anglish?


Sounds to me like
grounds to go to war with Canada.

FUR IN!!!???
Oh, just great! First it’s some celestial swinger, done hangin’ around with his little floatin’ Lotus flowers and shippin’ ‘em off to Patagonia, next to start play’n with the ole Kapoks, and then shelvin’ some Bella in a Blue-bottomed Boobies project!

Now it’s the fur-trappin’ Kanuks peltin’ us with bouncy-Beyonce ideas in buoyancy, which can only lead to paddler-stalkin PETA-people, ya know!

What next??? Sperm Whale Oil Infused Float Bladders strapped to your bosom??? Approved by the Nantucket Boast Guard & Happy Harpooners Safety Foundation???

Start sportin’ one of those and I bet everytime you round the channel light on your way out you pick-up the pursuit of two rainbow-hued decommissioned minesweepers set to foul yer rudder (or skeg) with Silly-String, whilst bombardin’ ya with crimson paintballs from their poopdeck gun! And all that delivered under the mega-dB-juiced PA harangue of half-a-dozen new-age Vassar coeds, wavin’ their anger with hairy arm-pitted arms hangin’ over rail and out of “Screw Jonah! Free Willy and His Kind!” tanktops whilst they scream incredulous bloody murders and, “Ahab Anti-Christ” at ya!

If’n I wuz you Elmo I’d either quickly get thee to a nunnery, or start wearin’ one-of-those Stearns Dolphin-Safe and U.S.G.S.-approved Sesame Street PFD numbers!

Here youz go!
Canadian lifevest. Eh!

That same PFD is USCG approved for the US markets.

Of course, the one sold in Canada should be approved by Canadian authorities, right?

A couple years back Kokatat Ronin Pro was approved by Canadian, but not by American CG.

The deal is
A single PFD can be approved by Canada, or the US, but not by both. Now a manufacturer can build the same PFD twice and have one that’s Canadian approved and the other that’s US approved. What makes the law even more restrictive is that a manufacturer cannot ship Canadian approved PFD’s for sale in the US and likewise, US approved PFDs cannot be shipped to Canada for sale. Individual stores violate the law by selling and shipping PFDs internationally often.

There seems to be unofficial amnesty by law enforcement if you have a PFD and are using it. Now if the PFD is tattered and not serviceable or the paddler is egregiously taunting the officers, then tally one more ticket.

Looks like you can carry ice and six pack of beer in the front pouch

That’s a beauty, very Duckheadish of
you to post a copy for me, thanks.

Maybe you were thinking of one
Extrasport’s old PFD designs like this one?


And maybe a couple cans o’ Spam, too!

Does it also have pockets
for DragonSkin ceramic armour plates? Looks like it doubles as a flak jacket too.



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is you can wear your USCG approved PFD in Canada 9if you are merican)unless...

you are taking a tour with a Canadian outfitter in Canada.

Personally I just mix and match. I have a Kokotat MSFit Tour thats technically illegal in the US. So is someone going to make me take it off just to read the label?

I ferget that thing about the furrin country. No wonder I am having trouble with my colored money.

If they’re going to check labels…
the final judgment should be based on one thing:

Does the sucker FLOAT THE PERSON WEARING IT? If it does, screw the labels.