Fiber-Lite Sport Canoe.

Any body remember these. I have the chance to buy a 12 footer cheap. Can’t find out much about their performance just some anecdotes relating to them being beginner boats. Any info would be appreciated.



Years ago
I was out paddling on a local lake. I saw a fisherman paddling an Fiberlite solo from the stearn. As I watched I said to myself “He is going to tip over any time now” as that stern went nano inches away from the water on every stroke. Sure enough about 2 minutes later over he went. I was only about 100 yards away at that time and was able to pull him ashore. That water was cold that time of year. Never have been impressed by either the design or the construction of them.

Apparently American Fiber-Lite was part

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of the American FiberGlass Company products and lines. They were in Marion,IL. NCIC code was AFG. Maybe you can find out more following that lead.

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I also think
They were sold by Sears.

Just looked at it.
Fake Birch bark and all. It has new seat and isn’t too flimsy. What do you think one of these is worth as a beater/photo platform?


The 12’ American Fiberlite tandem
was my first canoe and I used it for about 8 years as a solo before buying a more dedicated solo kayak and then solo canoe.

It seemed pretty tuff with that thick keel on the bottom - I’d run it up on logs in the river and then shift weight forward and slide off of the other side and it survived pretty well. I never had to do any repairs.

I sold it a few years ago for $250.

I found it to be better as a solo while sitting in the bow seat facing backwards than it was as a tandem. With two adults in it it’s stability isn’t very comforting. I only used it tandem on lakes and was very careful.

The main drawback for me was the weight - it weighed 60 lbs.

I had a lot of fun in that boat, but had to sell it to make room for the next boat. I thought it was a good beater boat and it got me started into paddling.

Test paddle it if you can. Check for soft areas in the fiberglass.

Happy paddling.

All thick chopper gun layups
They seem strong because they are thick and stiff, but the layup is chopped fiberglass fed thru a gun and sprayed into a mold. Fast to make, cheap to make, heavy, and brittle.

As Old Bill mentioned, they were sold by Sears for around $200-250. Not very deep, flat bottomed, and with a molded keel if my memory holds true. Only saw the bottom of ones that had capsized.

A beater boat for sure, and if it made it this long, it had some good care. For $50 or less, it gets you on the water, For over $100, walk away and find a better canoe.


Chopper layup it is.
I was wondering what you called that type of construction. Thick and thin spot all over. I passed on it unless it has a price reduction.