Fiberglas Pamlico 145T?

While looking into tandem kayaks, and discussing the relatively heavy weights of the rotomolded boats, someone suggested that I consider a fiberglas Pamlico 145T. I can’t seem to find any info on such a boat, so is this a figment of someone’s imagination, or possibly a boat which is no longer manufactured?


it is a composite, but it is only listed as 2lbs lighter than the plastic 145t.


still made.


custom layups
"if I were King",I’d love to make a composite 145 with no expense spared,not sure what would be optimum but unidirectional s-glass transverse across the outside chines with corematerial might make sense,carbon/kevlar on the inside.

It’s a nice all around canoe/kayak.

A fiberglass Pamlico T145 would be …

…like a gold plated skillet. Why waste the gold?

no whey
not anymore than a carbon canoe.

have you
paddled one?

For a ‘rec’ tandem it is quite nice and in 'glass it is even nicer. This boat works very well for the paddler looking for a sporty, open cockpit boat that paddles well solo, so kids, dogs and such work well as a paddling partner. It does NOT hold alot of weight, hense the sport designation, and 2 full sized adults would be better in a larger boat.


for one person and a dog
perfect, someone could do a drag test between the 145 and the Tarpon 140,I bet the Pamlico has less drag.

agreed! :slight_smile:
I seriously believe the Pam 145T has less wetted surface than many solo rec boats, including the Tarpon.

I could check the 'puter files and see. Oh wait, I’m just a tester, how would I know this beta???