Fiberglass canoe repair: Bear creek

Hey all! First post on here.

Just picked up a Bear Creek 14’ canoe for super cheap. Issue is, it has some wear on the bottom.

This is a beater canoe so the fix doesn’t need to be pretty. Just want to extend the life and have no leaks.

Any thoughts?


Adding a few more examples in reply

Bear Creek might be able to advise you. I have a Hurricane Skimmer that I’m going to repair with MarineTex, using denatured alcohol, NOT acetone. I don’t know if this will work for your boat.

you can get fiberglass and gel coat repair kits from marine supply places on line. Just google “fiberglass repair kit” or “marine gel coat repair kits”. I just ordered one myself to repair worse gShes than what you havee on a used kayak I bought that had freight damage.

I f you don’t care about how it looks, you can use JB Weld or other epixy kits.

The stems on canoes that get used frequently have this issue. I like fiberglass cloth tape in multiple layers with epoxy… 3 inch followed by 2 inch. Epoxy and a patch for the other areas. Sand and then paint the whole boat.