Fiberglass Care

I have a Canadienne that I unfortunately have had to keep outdoors.

The red gel coat is starting to whiten.

What is the best way to restorer/refinish and then protect the gel coat? What has anyone used that is the best?

I also have some gouges from oyster beds that have scraped the bottom. Does anyone know the best way to fill and repair these gouges that are about 1/8" deep?

Thanks for any help.

I saw this after a search. Plus my ideas
How To Restore Like New Color & Shine to Fiberglass Gelcoat on Boats And Filon Fiberglass Panels on RV’s

Don’t know if it works personally.

Here’s another form.

Here is an owner of a gelcoat company:

I would fill the scratches with a somewhat flexible 2 part epoxy from the hardware store. That’s how I have fixed clear coat kevlar for years. I have also used a repair kit epoxy from Chicago Canoe Base that worked well. I have used a waterproof 2 part puddy to fix my royalx canoe. I cant see why it wouldn’t work even better on fiberglass.

Not as cheap, but West G-flex epoxy
costs about $16 for the two 4 oz component bottles, mixes 1:1. The main advantage of G-flex is that it will stick better to existing surfaces than other epoxies, and that’s saying a lot.