Fiberglass Chatham 17

I have the opportunity to buy a new one at an “offer you can’t refuse” price. Until now, I haven’t considered this boat (have been thinking Capella or Impex Currituck).

Should I jump on this and forget the other boats?

Sometimes those things happen…
for a reason. It’s happened to me twice now.


What are you looking for?
Depending on your needs it may be even better, or not as good??

The CH 17 is a lower volume, straight tracking, nice gliding hull that is also quite playful, though nowhere near as playful as the CH 16.

The 17 is by a good margin the most popular of the Chathams, as it has attributes most paddlers like…tracking, good stability, glide. The 16 and 18 are more specialized boats.

The low aft deck and general sleek profile make it a favorite for Greenland rolling enthusiasts.

A deal is only good if your not compromising what you really want. It’s a great kayak, but the only certain way to tell if it’s great for you is for you to paddle it.

I’d jump on it!
Excellent kayak, to be certain.

you sure you’re not Irish?
Some people have all the luck!

on whether you’re paddling a kayak or a handful of bills. Why haven’t you considered it?

One minor consideration
I’ve never paddled the Chatham 17, but several years ago I demoed the Chatham 18. I use a Greenland paddle and paddle at a fairly low angle. The Chatham’s cockpit was unusually wide forward and my thumb hit the coaming on every stroke. This would not be an issue for most people using a Euro paddle.