Fiberglass Creations Iroquois canoe

Hi guys and gals, I have recently purchased an Iroquois fiberglass canoe made by Fiberglass Creations in Tampa, Florida. I don’t think this company still exist. Canoe has high re-curved stems, like you might see on a birchbark type canoe, fiberglass molded seats, a keel and two round struts (where the yoke goes on other canoes). This canoe originally had an Indian head on both sides of the canoe with the word “Iroquois” and possibly other words as well. Anyone ever heard of or maybe have one of these canoes?

Does the company still exist as makers
of fiberglass swimming pools? Anyway, this is what I found, and if they are not still there, I would suggest you talk to “old” canoe dealers in the area and see if they recall something about the canoe. Probably a good boat for cruising easy on Florida waters and looking like you’re enjoying it.

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Fiberglass Creations Iroquois canoe
I don’t believe the company still exists but I will check with some other dealers. The serial number is 12576B which might mean it was made in '76. Just a guess, but possible. I haven’t had it in the water yet as I just bought it off the internet and pick it up this Saturday. It appears to have a very slight rocker, maybe a little tumblehome, but hard to tell without eyeballing her in real time. There is no “fancy” trim on her, just all fiberglass. Once I get her home I can do a few changes and have a nice stream cruiser (I hope). As it appears in the pictures I have, the bow recurve seems larger than the stern, but we’ll see.

The bow is recurved more than the
stern because the bow has been rammed into the dock more often ! }:wink:

hull ID
arent there one or two letters at the beginning of the Hull ID? If so you look them up on the US Coast Guard site, under MIC (manufacturers identification codes).