Fiberglass heat deformation

Folks, it has been hot in Seattle. My kayak has had to reside on my Durango for the last week or so and this morning, I notice that the Hully Roller had deformed (dished) the hull somewhat. It was not strapped on real tight, So I am thinking the heat softened the fiberglass, gravity did the rest. I would expect this from a plastic boat. Will it pop back out? Has this happend to you? It look like the hull deflected 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch inward where the rear rollers made contact.

even the best ones will
and since I live in Australia where is pretty toasty that problem is not unknown.

Some of my hulls deformed like that but they popped back out after a day.

I was not happy about that and on hot days I transport now my kayaks belly up (hull up) and the kayak is resting on the cradles on the deck.

The deck is sometimes stronger especially where it sits on my cradles.

Transporting it on J cradles really did not help.

A block of foam shaped to your kayak would be best.