Fiberglass hull: Dent repair?

My boat which is a 2001, had it’s hull reform to the foam block after it was tied on for 24hrs. It was road travel tight and not torqued. I am aware of how and why and the old “not good”.

My question is, is it possible to get that to fold out?.. and if so how?

Note: The hull seems very weak across the beem and it had been re-gelcoated over the winter.

Thanks for any advice.

Dent Repair
I took a dent out of my boat with the following method. Use a space heater to heat the area of the dent( be careful not to over heat), make a wedge to force the hull back to shape. Leave wedge in place, remove heat and allow to cool. Take your time ,you may have to work the hull back into shape in stages.

To prevent this from happening in the future , try to position your foam blocks under your bulkheads. I prefer to carry my boat on its side.