fiberglass iroquis canoe?

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I just bought and plan on restoring a fiberglass canoe with an iroquis sticker on the side. Does any one have an idea who made theese and about what years they were produced?

There should be a code, probably
somewhere at one end of the canoe. The code can be used to identify the maker, etc. Hang on and someone who knows how to use the database will post. Meanwhile, see if you can find the code and post it.

HIN database

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this thing eludes me every time but I think I got it another way. Its not the best way.

Somewhere there is search engine that allows you to enter the three letter code.

Its a bit of a PITA to navigate.

Thats it
Thats the link I posted, and then I went to it myself.

I couldnt find what I wanted,and deleated the responce to the post befor anybody else saw it.

There is a site but I cant find it eather.

usboat also has a lot of info ,BUT…WHERE

thanks ill look