Fiberglass kayak interior protection

I just picked up an old (1979) fiberglass whitewater kayak. Is there something I should wear or a lining I should install in the interior so that I don’t get fiberglass splinters on my feet and legs? The fiberglass is in good condition, but there is no gelcoat in the interior and I get a little skin irritation after sitting in it for awhile.

If you want to paddle it, I would get some epoxy. Clean up the interior and use epoxy to fully wet out the glass on the interior in the cockpit area. Often, the glass was not completely wet out on the interior of those boats to save weight.

Maybe I’m insensitive, but I paddled
a '74 FG c-1 Hahn built by a friend for years, and because it was a c-1, my shins and feet were scuffing the bottom all the time. I never got the itchies.

pblanc is right about the epoxy, but the right paint might work as well, even though patches might have to be renewed more often.

Have you ever just given the whole boat interior a thorough wash and rinsing out? Some of the glass fibers might have been rattling around in there for a long time.

If anyone is “glassing” the interior of a home-built boat, consider adding polyester cloth wear patches where one’s feet will be scuffing the cloth. It won’t add much weight.

Thanks for the replies
pblanc and g2d. I’m going to try rinsing it out first. Then epoxy if there is still an issue. I’m new to kayaking and just didn’t know if it was necessary or common to “finish out” the interior of a fiberglass boat.

washing might help
I am working on an old glass C-2 and I have thoroughly washed it out and still itch every time I try to get in it, however.

We make a product called HeelEazy rub kits that are used inside the hull where your heel rests. It is a peel and stick 4" X 6" adhesive backed PVC in either black or white. You can check it out at

Sea Sock

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Used ones can be found in ebay but will have lost waterproofing, but will still keep your legs from being exposed to fiberglass

I was roughing up
the inside of my boat from the sand under my heels. I first used a carpeted floor mat then switched to the 18" carpet squares used in commercial buildings. Make sure whatever you use will not pose an entrapment hazard when upside down.

Good Luck