Fiberglass paddle heavier on right side

I got a Shoreline Marine paddle and found it has a rectangular weight attached on the right side. I can’t find any info on how that helps. I’m just doing light easy kayaking in lakes. Haven’t taken it out yet but would anyone recommend removing it or leaving it in? Thanks in advance.

Take it off and throw it away !
The paddle should be balanced.

Jack L

Is it a locator grip?
I’m not familiar with the paddle you mentioned but I’ve never seen a weight on a paddle. Is it on the shaft where your right hand sits? It’s probably a locator grip to make the shaft oval so it doesn’t rotate in your hand. I’d leave it there.

dang it
Yes after I got it out its just that, weighs less than an ounce lol. Wish I didn’t just do that.

Not what the oval is for
The oval shape on paddle shafts is not so that the paddle won’t slip in your hand, it is to allow you to have the blade properly indexed without looking at it when the blade enters the water. Normally, this function is most noticeable, or applicable when your paddle is feathered.

Don’t worry - paddle is junk.
It’s OK to get started.

After you have got a little experience start looking for a better quality paddle. Aquabound inexpensive paddles are good place to start. Onno paddles are excellent, even the least expensive. Novice paddlers usually spend very little on a paddle, but you find it’s what does all the work, and you need a decent paddle to move efficiently on the water.

I think an oval indexing feature helps
both in alignment and in control as it helps me draw my GP comfortably without gripping the paddle shaft hard, and relieves stress on joints. Just thoughts, R