Fiberglass release films?

I will be doing a little fiberglass work on one of my boats and need some release film. After google searching ‘fiberglass release film’ a ton if things come up and I dont really know the difference between them.

Can you recommend/link me to a good release film to use on my glassing projects? If it matters ill be using G flex as the resin.

Peel Ply has
worked for repair.

Sweet Composites
I have used the nylon fabric sold by Sweet Composites as a peel ply:

It is fairly cheap and works reasonably well. I have used it over both fiberglass and aramid using both G flex and conventional epoxy like West System’s 105/206.

I have found that timing its removal can be a bit tricky. It is best to remove it while the epoxy is still a bit green, but not so green that any of the fibers lift upon removal. At times, if I have left it in place too long it is hard to remove.

Wax paper
Wax paper works too. Plus you get a smooth surface. If you need to bond to the cured surface later, just dewax.

For small patches
I’ve used any odd piece of smooth plastic, trash bag, food wraps, packaging tape, etc. worked every time for small repairs.

If you are infusing or vacuum bagging or can’t use a plastic bag piece for some reason, then you might need something more specialized as mentioned above.