Fiberglass repair. Lincoln canoe

Hey guys, I’m looking at the Lincoln 5.3 meter as a project for $100. It obviously needs work but not sure how big of a task I’m looking at.

Please let me know your thoughts and if you think a 5.3 is worth the time, and what it is best suited for.

The Lincoln 5.3 is a great tripping canoe. The flared bow is nice in waves. Fiberglass work isn’t too hard generally. I’d certainly take it for $100.

It is a well designed boat. Old faded fiberglass makes me uncomfortable. Look at the nameplate and check out the last 2 numbers. See when it was made.

The boat looks like it has been stored outside. UV degrades fiberglass over time. You can repair the cracks, you can paint it and refinish the ash woodwork. No big deal.
What you can’t fix is weak fiberglass. The boat may be suitable for a calm lake. I would not trust it in waves or a river trip.

I have had an old Sawyer canoe literally start to cave in on itself while I was paddling it.

Good to know. Sounds like a good model but I don’t think a good fit for me. It would be on flatwater river with small class 1’s, but more importantly I don’t need a trip boat. I’d like a fast good tracking composite canoe that I can solo and sometimes tandem. My current solo boat is a OT Pack and I find it slow with how much I have to hold the J-stroke…of course some/ most of this might be me being a new-ish paddler.
I would think a 15’ -16’ canoe ideal for solo/ tandem day trips. Anyone want to offer ideas of a good canoe for that?