Fiberglass Repair Question

I am repairing an older canoe.

I have removed the old patching material and cleaned out the dirt, etc from the damaged areas.

My question is: If I prime the entire boat, including over the damaged spots… will the coat of primer adversely affect the outcome of my repair work?

Will the resin not adhere to the primed surface?


Fix the glass first, then paint

– Last Updated: Oct-11-09 6:40 PM EST –

Especially if you're glassing on the outside, because you should fair the repair before painting. Otherwise, it's gonna look like crap, and create drag.

I'd sand the damaged areas down to the glass, wash with acetone, and then sand again, lightly. Do the repair, fair it if it's on the outside, wash and sand lightly (To remove amine blush from the epoxy), and then prime and paint to taste.

Wayne is right, you don’t want to risk
problems with a resin and glass repair by painting anything on the boat first.