Fiberglass sit on top kayak

Looking for a touring fiberglass sit on top kayak, or a kayak with a very large cockpit opening. Need this type as knees do not bend much anymore.

Anybody know of a manufacturer for this type?

you are looking for?

Also looking
I have been searching for a lighter weight SOT, and have not found one in fiberglass. The closest I’ve come is the Eddyline Caribbean 12 & 14 in ABS. My current SOT is a Necky Vector 13 (no longer made) which weighs 60 pounds, and the Eddyline 14 weighs 50 pounds. There are some surf ski type SOTs that are lighter, but I do overnight trips and need a boat with gear capacity. I use a SOT because of a non bending knee. Right now, I’m looking at pack canoes as a light weight alternative.

Here’s a possibility

Fiberglass SOT kayak
As I previously stated, I’m looking for either a SOT or one with a large cockpit as my knees don’t bend anymore. I just sold my beloved QCC400 because I could not get in. Looking for another light touring boat, at least 14’ and under 55 lbs.

Please forward any ideas you may have.

is fiberglass a deal breaker?
Hurricane makes a 14ft SOT at 52#, but it’s not fiberglass. It’s trylon thermoformed abs plastic.

CD Ignite could be fun for you.

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Eddyline Caribbean 14

Three dealers in NV including


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Epic V5? not FG, but 46 pounds of rotomold

Sea Eagle Razorlite 393rl? not FG but 28 pounds of drop-stitch inflatable, maybe too short for your taste.

How about a Placid Boatworks Rapidfire? Should be at least as good on-water as the Q400, and it sure is pretty.

Maybe you should have taken a sawzall to your QCC and made the cockpit bigger...

Pack Canoe
Let me suggest a lightweight durable pack canoe from Placid Boat Works. Paddles just like a kayak. My 12’ Spitfire only weighs 20lbs plus it’s easy to get in and out of. They also offer a 15’ Rapidfire that tips the scales @22lbs.

Hop On Top/Heritage
The only fiberglass sit-on-top kayaks I am aware of were manufactured by Hop On Top and later sold and marketed by Heritage Kayaks. Heritage ceased production of the fiberglass models in 2001 and went exclusively to rotomolded kayaks. You can occasionally find a used Heritage or Hop On Top glass kayak for sale in various classifieds.

Tsunami Scramjet
Not made any more, so you have to search out new, but the old Tsunami Scramjet (this is not a Wilderness Systems boat, but a boat built by the Tsunami rangers) was a fiberglass SOT. More for rock play than touring.

I think they had different models, Scramjet being one, so the others may also be possible.

No matter - these are rare birds, and probably more common on the west coast than elsewhere.

There are pack canoes from other
makers in the Adirondacks but alas all in NY state.

For Lake Tahoe you might want something Rapid Fire size.Mine does big water quite well.

that’s it
I was trying to remember the Heritage - I tried one once in upstate NY. It seemed like a nice boat, but not what I was looking for at the time.


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carries the Eddyline Caribbean 12 & 14.

I'm going to test paddle a friend's solo canoe (Wenonah Vagabond) in a few weeks to get a general feel for the canoe idea. I'm considering a Placid Spitfire 13, Swift ADK 13.6, or Slipstream Impulse. All are 13-13.5 feet and under 25 pounds. Not cheap, but seem like a good alternative for a light weight boat for me with a bad, non- bending knee.

Seda Revenge.
16’6" fiberglass. I know of 1 in South Lalke Tahoe you may be able to try.

Try some inflatables as well. I like the Innovas.

A Kruger Seawind may work if you can find one.

Yes! Ocean Kayak Use To Make Them
Many years ago and called them Scuppers. Then in the early 80’s, they became the rotomolded Scupper Classics everyone bought for their ruggedness. Mike Cripps in Hawaii bought the molds and continued making them in his Kahaluu shop. They were vacuumed bag vinyl ester kayaks that were stackable. They were the fisherman’s dream boat. For racers, he even made a stretched version with rudder, that also won the Molokai Race. He no longer makes them and his kayak shop is now a motorcycle shop. So if you can find them, buy it, for they are light, durable and fast.

Found One

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Stealth kayaks. Made in South Africa. Sold by a dealer in California. Expensive, but they look interesting. I found their Facebook page and it looks like they have a touring model in development.

Those look like surf skis at
surf ski prices. Look at the Epic V-7.

Stellar S14
Comes to mind