Fiberglass - three quarter inch wide

Does anyone know if any company makes narrow strips of fiberglass with a tight weave, or bound on the edges that you could purchase in rolls.

I do lots of small projects such as attaching clamps to aluminum tubing, or tubing to tubing and I have a constant battle keeping the strands together when I am putting the epoxy on.

I am looking for something that will stay together as I am working it.



Hobby shop?

That is exactly what I was looking for.

I can order some more epoxy from them at the same time.

Sometimes P-net and it’s better posters can be a wealth of information.

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Raka has tape also.

jamestown distributors
boat making schtuff

West Marine, etc.
West Marine and nearly any marine supply store. Pick your width. Often for sale in stores as rolls or by the foot.

Hi Jack,
you are probably already doing it but just want to toss it in the ring.

For small stuff use super sharp scissors, dab a little resin on the spot where you are putting the glass and lay it on there with a light touch, use a small (er) brush to dab / wet it out.

Using the dab technique you can control the resin wet out right to only the very edge of the glass and keep thing in place and neat. Dabbing knock out any ait too.

3.8oz. tightweave
its’ very easy to work with. I’ve cut 3/4" strips to wrap over the rounded edges of 4mm plywood. You can cut strips with a rotary cutter.

Too wide
I had already checked them out, but thanks anyway.



Maybe a source
Soller sells small quantities of materials, such as sleeving. They may have bi-axial tape too.


way too expensive

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a couple yards of 3.8oz tight weave from RAKA will last you forever. It comes in 6" widths and full size 60" widths. With a rotary cutter and ruler you can cut long strips that won't unravel. West Marine is where you go to burn money. FOr awhile I tried with regular 20/22 weave thread but that would unravel, the finer weave RAKA glass is very easy to handle.

For small areas what I do is wet the area then apply the dry cloth strips onto it. It soaks up the resin. On some large glassing like flat panels i've done ok squeegeing on the epoxy then applying dry glass on that. Normally you'd apply the cloth then apply the resin over that. Tight weave doesn't take up resin as readily as courser weave glass so you have a bit more dificulty squeegeing excess through the weave for large areas. I would wet the area to be covered, apply the cloth carefully then squeegee it gentlhy as the resin rose into the threads. After it cures partially come back and apply thin fill coats. It takes very little resin to fill fine weave compared to regular 4oz or 6oz.
In heavier weights 5oz+ it's really not appropriate for hand work and is best for vacuum bagging.