Fiberlar Wildfire Weight

Anyone know the weight of the Bell Wildfire in fiberlar? White gold is 39lbs if I’m not mistaken, so I would guess 45lbs with wood trim for the fiberlar.

FiberLar verse White Gold
FiberLar used an 18 oz roving interior for a while, then switched to an 8oz FG interior. W/G was basically the same laminate with a 5.5 oz Kev interior blanket. With resin, that switch saves ~6 oz yard; the inner blanket being 4.66 yds long, but not full width in the stems, for ~ 2 lb savings.

fiberlar and the football
I just received some pics of an older Bell I think may be fiberlar. Did the Fiberlar boats have the ‘football,’ cause the boat I am looking at doesn’t appear to.