Field and Stream Blade vs. Pelican Mustang

I’m looking to buy a simple kayak for recreation and light touring. The Pelican Mustang and the Field and Stream Blade are the two I’m trying to decide between. I’m leaning towards the Blade for it’s build and performance, but I’m 6’2" and would probably fit in the Mustang better. I’m mainly interested in the performance of the boat. Any advice or opinions (besides spending more money, as I’m limited)?

Write off my comment as “elitist” if you want, but frankly it doesn’t matter. You’ll likely fit in either boat just fine for limited “kayaking”.

But you mention “performance” twice. If this is actually the case, you’ll be looking for a different boat before long anyway.

So make your choice by color, price, or a catchy name. Doesn’t really matter with budget boats like this.

DC, thanks for posting the video. I think he did a good job and was careful to point out the use and limitations.
He also does reviews for fishing kayaks under $500 and another set for under $1000.

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You’re welcome. I remembered seeing it once and remembered he liked the Blade. Going to look at what other videos they have.

Thank you for sharing the video. It’s nice to hear an experienced opinion.

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  1. Ditto
  2. “Light touring” … Very light.
  3. Good video.
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