Field and Stream kayak

Anybody know these? Am thinking about buying a third kayak for friends to use for just fun paddling maybe 3-4 miles… Can’t find brand listed here.

i think same as Future Beach Equinox
I saw one of these once before at Dicks and it was a re-branded Future Beach Equinox 10.4. Basically a low-priced rec kayak that was sold at Costco for $320.

It is very stable, thus beginners love it. Also very slow, so one you would be quick to outgrow. I bought the Equinox to have a kayak for guests. Now that my fleet has grown, I plan to sell it on Craigslist. I am assuming I will ask $175 (roughly half new) with paddle included.

This thing is insanely stable, so a good kayak to put your mother-in-law in, but is not one you want to paddle regularly.


The picture shows a red sit inside boat with some kind of a dashboard and a rear hatch, 12 footer. But they are asking 350. way too much. Thanks!