Field and Stream Kayak

Looking for the manufacturer of F&S kayak to get replacement pedal.Any info would help. Dick’s was of no help

Did you try contacting Field and Stream?

Nothing on their site They referred me to Dicks.Nobody seems to know who manufactures these kayaks

Maybe if you post a picture of the foot brace, someone here may recognize the brand. Or look up the Hull ID# (HIN):

I wouldn’t be surprised if Field and Stream uses different manufacturers for different kayaks, so you might need to instead start looking closely at the foot braces and see if you can figure out who makes those (very likely they are off the shelf parts used by many manufacturers).

Install new footbraces. Ones in which the foot pedal doesn’t separate from the rail. Likely F&S didn’t make the foot rails and like Pi foot rail bolt spreads seem to be a universal constant. (14.5")

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