Field&stream blade80

I’m looking at the field&stream blade80. I’m wondering if it will work for me! I’m 5’11 weigh 200 lbs. Wanting something smaller and lighter to use on small moutain lakes. I have a perception swifty 9.5 deluxe for recreational but it gets heavy after awhile. And advice will be appreciated.

I think you will get a wide array of answers to your question. As I’m new to this myself and understanding what recreational paddling means to me and that others view that differently we really need to know more about just what you will be using this for on those mountain lakes?

IMO both the boat you are looking at and the one you own now along with what I just bought for my GF the Old Town Trip 10 Deluxe as sold are someplace between a toy and a real kayak in terms of safety. The problem for me in not knowing will you just be taking this along the shore and at a swim beach in warm weather and warm water or will you be tempted to cross the lake and put yourself out of swim range along with being able to rescue your boat full of water.

The OT Trip 10 we just got her will be used to do slow river floats down a small creek near us that’s only 50 yards wide at it widest. We will also go to some small local lakes and mostly hug the shoreline and we will be together and I will be in my larger canoe. Even at that I bought the Trip 10 because it has a sealed bulkhead behind the seat and even with that as capsize flotation I will be adding additional flotation to the bow. Not so much that she will be trying to right the boat in cold water and reenter but just so we can forget about the boat get her to shore safely and then if she doesn’t swim it in then I can go back and fetch it to be drained.

IMO there is nothing wrong with the kayak you are looking at but its intended usage should be very limited as it will be something very unforgiving once capsized. It will be slow and not too easy to paddle I think but could be fun for what it is. The boat you have is not that heavy if moving it on land is an issue for about $40-50 you can get a kayak dolly that makes moving it a simple task. :canoe:

You have been gently informed that thing is a joke UNLESS you stay In shallow, warm water. Some manufacturers seem intent on moving the bar as low as possible.

That’s a 7’10" long boat for a 5’11’’, 200# guy. Maybe, maybe not. Depends upon the risks you are comfortable with. It is 35#. Does this mean you are going to carry that to the mountain lake?

Maybe you need to just look for a short pack canoe. Capsized they are just as cold but they don’t do a Cleopatra’s Needle and I think they can be easier to portage.

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I looked at a inflatable but don’t know how strong they are material wise.

All you should do with that F & S boat is “look at it” – certainly do not buy it. If your main parameter is to buy cheap, do yourself a favor and look for a used boat: more bang for the buck both in performance and safety.

What do you mean by “use in small mountain lakes”? If you just plan to sit in it, I suppose that thing would do, but a boat as wide and short for a guy your size who will be way too close to the top end of the weight rating, is not going to be a good craft for attempting to paddle any distance. It will be a byotch if the wind picks up or there are any waves. Even that wide the waterline will be so high with your weight in it that it will not handle well. The F & S Blade80 is about a much a “kayak” as a golf cart is an SUV. Might as well get a truck inner tube.

A decent new kayak or solo canoe for somebody your size will be $800 or more new but as little as half that price used. What MAY be the best option for what you describe is a pack raft. These are inflatables that are designed for carrying in a backpack to remote small lakes. They are nearly always under 12 pounds and can be as light as 5 pounds with a capacity of over 300 pounds. These run $500 to $800 new. You can even buy a kit to make your own from for between $200 and $300.

There are also inexpensive folding kayaks, like the 28 pound TuckTec (currently on sale in link below for $350)

Thanks everyone for your input. As far as used kayaks within a days drive of my home isn’t a cheap alternative. Used pelicans they want over $400. I could go to Denver but that’s a days drive plus plus fuel. Not worth it to me! The reason I asked about the blade80 was the guy from headwaters kayak in California is 6’2 and weighs 230 pounds. He liked the blade80 except for the cockpit being to small. PLUS my wife could paddle it when we go to the lake close to our home.
You have given me other options to check into. Thank you.