Field & Stream canoes

I was in Dick’s Sporting Goods last night and saw a “Field & Stream Sportsman 15 Square Stern Canoe”. I can’t find any info on the web about this canoe, value, stability, etc. Does anyone have any feedback about this canoe?

Made for Dick’s by Johnson Outdoors
weight about 110 lbs., beam about 41"; stable and wide fishing/duck hunting platform. Due to the wide beam, weight and hull design, it takes a lot of effort to paddle it. However, a motor on the square stern works just fine. A good value if your use does not involve car topping, hand carryiing, and any destination paddling.

Field & Stream canoes
Well, I’m new to this and I’m confused as to what to get. I will be using it with my wife a lot so I definitely need stability. We will be mostly using it on rivers traveling up and down. Our idea was to paddle a little bit to a destination, spend time there and outboard motor the way back. I also wanted to use it for fishing. I also was looking at the Pelcan Bayou. So when you say it’s hard to paddle, it worrys me. We would only be going 5-6 miles probably, although we would still want it to be enjoyable. I am probably wanting to much from one canoe.

Nice recreational canoe
It’s very well suited for fishing slow moving rivers. It’s wide, has enormous initial stability, is comfortable, and is practically indestructible.

On the cons, it is heavy and slow to respond to steering strokes. “Tracking” isn’t the greatest, but I think it’s over-rated as a feature anyway.

So long as you don’t think you’re getting a high performance piece of outdoor equipment, they’re a pretty decent little canoe. Most people who I’ve seen use them transport then to the river on a small trailer or in a truck bed. They’re a bit heavy for one person to load or unload for car-topping. It’s doable, but not fun.

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