Field & Stream kayaks in review

where are the reviews for field & stream kayaks listed. I do not see them in the drop down listing.


Dicks and google
There’s a few out there. Check Dicks online and just google ‘Field and Streem kayak reviews’.

It was my first yak, mainly because of the prices. I got the 12’ fishing model. It is not a fast yak nor is it very responsive but IMHO it’s a good starter boat for not to much money.

It has good storage capacity. It has done 2 and 3 day adventures fully loaded. It wallows a bit fully loaded; about 60 lbs plus my small 150lb frame. Do invest is a better paddle and PFD than Dicks sells.

Oh and by using the word “wallows” above I mean that is rides lower, but handles 1-2 ft waves OK if you keep your tracking true and aren’t afraid to put some muscle into your effort.

Field & Stream kayaks in review
thanks, I was meaning reviews on this site.

I used to read Field and Stream when
I was a lad. I also read “TRUE” and “Mechanix Illustrated”.

I don’t think there are any reviews for “Millbrook” canoes either, and there may be a reason. Millbrook boats are hand built, outstanding, esoteric.