Fifth Wheel transport

This may be a stupid question but how does one transport a canoe with a truck towing a fifth wheel? In looking at them it looks like the canoe would be too long to carry on top of the cab of the truck (I have an exended cab) and fifth wheeels are very tall with uneven roof lines. Thanks

you just put it inside the camper

I saw a 5th wheel
with two ~14’ kayaks on top when camping. Near the front of the bed they had a rack bar (Yakima Outdoorsman 300 or similar) that cleared the trailer and had another bar mounted forward on the roof of the cab. At first I couldn’t figure out why the pick-up had the boats mounted so far fore (esp since they were not centered relative to the boats’ CGs) but then noticed the rig parked next to it and the receiver in the bed.

They made it at least to that campground so I guess it worked. Would definitely use bow lines with that much of the boat sticking out up front!

If I had a 5th wheel (if only…) I would probably mount the boats on top of the trailer.