Fill Old Screw Holes

Hello! I replaced the compass on my Meridian fiberglass and the new compass didn’t have the same hole pattern. I was able to use one of the three holes and had to drill two new holes. I have the compass mounted but I would like to fill the two holes that are not used. They are under the compass but I can reach them inside and would like to just fill the holes but not sure what is best to goop up in there. Any suggestions?

3M 5200 since holes hidden by new compass. Cheap and easy to find and apply and it stays put.

You can use pretty much any sealant, but I would avoid those containing silicone. Epoxy is always a good bet for filling holes, especially if they’re 1/8" or larger.

Love this stuff… epoxy based.
“Marine-Tex is the legendary high-strength repair compound designed for filling, bonding and rebuilding wood, fiberglass, ceramic, glass, metal, masonry and many plastics.”