Filleting fish paddle

I was using our bent shaft paddle to fillet some big trout this past weekend.

Would a stright shaft paddle work better?

Flat’s flat, whatever you have will work

Tongue in cheek…
…I get it…snarfle, snarfle…

Hey earplug
I haven’t forgoten about the fishing, just have been pretty tied up. Haven’t had the home 'puter on in weeks. Hang in there.


Just make sure
the blade is sharp!

Oh no…
The straight shaft would certainly be superior if for no other reasons than those outlined below.

Imagine that you have an emergency… perhaps a heart attack or an acute case of alcohol ingestion that renders you unable to fillet your own fish.

The straight shaft paddle could be picked up by any novice able to come to your rescue and the filleting could continue. A bent shaft might be confusing for a novice fish cleaner and he/she wouldn’t be able to help you.

Also, the presence of a bent shaft in the peripheral vision of a novice might cause them to make cuts that are skewed thereby resulting in FWS (fillet wasting syndrome).

Stick with the KISS principal. (Keep it straight, stupid) ;o)

Go get em!

I was using the bent shaft and getting good results until my three year old helper reversed the paddle.

I’m thinking a straight shaft would be best.