Film Clip

Go to Enter “Coast Guard Kayak Rescue” in the Search field.

Gotta love that rescue swimmer; in the last seconds of the clip.

George in Cody

Kayaker and father of CG Helo Pilot

great shots
but not probably as much fun for the paddler.

Was the dive a “Yippee” or an “Oh Crap” one.

Probably the first. Those guys don’t usually fall out by accident.

I got the feeling
that the very end of the clip was actually the beginning of the rescue. There was a break in the filming between the rescue swimmer coming up on the cable and the rescue swimmer sitting at the door and making the entry into the water. Dunno though.

Paul S.

Editing of Film Clip
Yes, I am cetain that the Rescue Swimmer’s free fall was supposed to be attached to the front of that clip.

What amazed me is his retreival of an EPIC brand paddle! Until that part of the clip, I wondered why it was a “kayak rescue”?! Usually, they (USCG) won’t bring anything up except people. Well, my son (the pilot) did allow a pet dog once.

George of Cody

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