Finally, a hydration vest intended to minimize movement on the body

Having read a review of the Osprey Duro 1.5 trail running vest, I put it on the Look-See list. A new local shop had them in stock, so I tried on the women’s version, the Dyna 1.5. Wow–it fit nice and snug without being constricting, and it is mesh for quick evaporation of sweat.

I don’t run, but I like hiking on rugged terrain at a good clip. I also hate water containers bouncing around on my body yet need both hands free. Wearing a hydration pack had always annoyed me when I tried it. This new vest was so well-fitted and optioned that I ordered one right then and there. “Optioned” because even though the store had my size in stock, the standard magnetic holder that keeps the drinking end of the tube from flopping around would interfere with compass use. Osprey offers buyers the choice of getting the vest with the old-style clip instead, and that is what I ordered. This means a compass can be used (and kept handy in the vest pocket) without messing up readings.

The vests are made in three bag capacities: 1.5, 6, and 15 liters, as well as sizes within the men’s and women’s designs for different torso lengths. I chose the 1.5 liter one, since normally that is all I would need for a day hike. If a little more is desired, the shop guy said their 2.5 liter bladder would fit in the vest; I would just carry a bottle as supplementation instead.

The vest rides high up on the torso, far enough that I could easily wear a medium-to-large fanny pack as well. What this means for PADDLING (there’s your paddling connection!) is that one could still wear a PFD with the hydration vest, if the PFD were a waist-mounted inflatable unit. If I find myself loving the new vest for hiking. I may go that route. Bicycling makes staying well-hydrated easy with multiple bottle cages, hiking and paddling not so much.

After the item arrives and gets tested “in the field” I will follow up with a review.

BTW, Osprey is a local company but I neither work for nor hold “vested interests” in it. Just someone who has been happy with their other products and loves the gender-based sizing choices.