Finally, back to the Coast!

The Weather earlier in the week looked bleak for our upcoming trip. There were 6 of us planning to kayak camp for 3 days on an Atlantic beach. By the day of departure, the group was down to 3. The weather forecast improved by the time we were to castoff. The highs were in the mid 50s, and lows in the high 30s. winds at our back and on or beam dropping off after midday. Clouds decreasing on the first day, sunny the second and clouds building again the third day. The water temp was 66F.

Rusty, Bill, and I would head out early to make the 4-hour drive and catch the ebb tide out through the maze of marsh creeks to a barrier island camp site we have used in the past. We have seen this area change over time with each hurricane that goes up the coast. Places we have camped in the past have been washed away. We wondered want changes we would find after the landfall of hurricane Nicole just north of our destination. We did find changes to the dunes and tree line. Our old campsite is new beach.

As it turned out we hit the weather jackpot! We had beautiful skies, a fire to stay warm at night, and virtually no mosquitos and without any no-see-ums.

Shrimp boat gets right of way.

These dunes have been recently cut away.

Beach camp


Light on the water

Morning beach walk

Headed home


Thank you Castoff. Always delighted by your photo journals. The Mary B shrimper and kayak photo is a keeper.

Looks familiar; Cape Romaine/Bull Island?

Great photos bring back good memories. I liked the shot with that fine looking GP.

You are correct. it is the Cape Romain Wildlife Refuge.

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Beautiful location!

Do you have any details you’d be willing to share about camping around this area? I’ve been meaning to take a trip down there but have heard overnight is off-limits.

beautiful pics thanks for sharing