Finally bought a kayak Tempest 170

Thx to I found a nice used Wilderness Tempest 170. It’s my first boat. I already tried one of these and I had a fantastic time in the Great South Bay of Long Island NY on a full moon trip last Fall…I’m looking forward to some exciting times out there with old and new friends…Did I see a Tempest club website out there by accident?


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you should have a good time with her.

here's the yahoo group.

funny as heck I wa JUST showing a paddling buddy and THIS thread shows up...great timing.


Enjoy your rough water kayak and learn to trust it. I trained on this kayak for high winds and rough chop. Join a good club and outfit with the right gear. Have fun!

Fine watercraft. Enjoy it well and often.


Very nice!
You will love your new boat. I have had one for 5 or 6 years now and love it!


nice boat!

What cool places will you take it?

new owner
I live 20 min from the coast of Long Island NY…I’ll go out into the bays, rivers, and looking forward to kayak camping with friends up North and New England…but first I will enjoy the beauty of the areas around me…seems like the hatches are a little smaller than I expected…going to need a more compressible sleeping bag or use a fleece roll…that’s a good question I need to know…I was told that you really shouldn’t store stuff on top for many reasons…have a nice day…cold here today…feels like 0F with the wind…brrrrr

ahhh, great boats.
I have the poly T-165 which is great fun to paddle, more fun than any other that I have tried.