Finally, canoes allowed in Paddle Antrim 2018 (Michigan event)

Noticed a rule change this year:

“All types of people-powered kayaks, canoes, and surfskis will be allowed for Day 1 and also Day 2 up to Checkpoint 1. All boats must exit at Checkpoint 1 on Day 2 if additional criteria are not met.
To continue past Checkpoint 1 on Day 2 the boat must be one of the following. Each boat will be inspected for compliance, please feel free to contact us if you have questions on your specific boat.
A. A sea/touring kayak with water-tight bulkheads in the bow and the stern and a minimum length of 12 feet. Positive secured flotation is allowed in lieu of bulkheads but may be subject to demonstrating ability to displace enough water to complete a deep-water re-entry. (For flotation bag examples, click here)
B. A sit on top kayak with a minimum length of 12 feet.
C. A surfski with a minimum length of 12 feet. A boat leash is required.”