Finally Finally Finally

Finally after years of trying to find comfort and alleviate leg and foot numbness and hamstring pain it appears I have finally solved the problem.

For you old time P-Netters this is hartmanbri under new screen name BrinyEscape.

Hoping you won’t have to listen to me whine anymore about this long time issue of mine.


Fort Lauderdale

and the solution is?

It’s pretty obvious …
changing his screen name fixed the problem.

He, he, he.

Try typing with your hands
instead of your toes. Worked for me…


The obvious adjustments were made
Changed back bands, settled into the seat pan, tightened the back band to me, rather than over tightening as I always must have done and adjusted the rudder pedals to my feet rather than my usual back band adjustment of wanting to be forced forward and into my rudder pedals. I guess this may have created pressure on my lower back and nerves in the back of my legs.

All makes perfect sense,I guess.

Okay bring on the smart arsss replies


Fort Lauderdale

Congrats! I know the feeling of solving
a long term outfitting problem.

Okay …
Get a canoe and kneel! Sitting on your bum with legs out front puts pressure on your spine every time. So does sitting in a canoe (vs. kneeling). If you are going to do this paddle thing a lot, over the course of decades, kneeling will save your lower back. Of course it’s more difficult to master but imminently more rewarding. Have fun.

Keeling hurts my knees & ankles.
Sitting in a canoe most of the time works better for me. I suspect that I’d have better kneeling comfort if I had the cockpit outfitted properly for my boat and my dimensions.

Getting a canoe outfitted for comfortable kneeling can be just as challenging as getting a kayak cockpit comfortable for sitting.

What are rudder pedals and…

what are they used for?

Paddlin’ on (rudderless)


Rudder Pedals
They hold my cooler in place and work well when a squeeter comes knawing on my ankles.


In My Bike World
Finally finally finally

I found pedals that won’t turn my feet loose in a sprint. You can break bones that way.

Feels great, don’t it?

kneelers arise
You folks suggesting kneeling over sitting should come on up and see what you are missing. Standing is the best way to paddle a non-whitewater canoe. I use a really long double blade paddle. The balance is great and you can see what lies ahead so much better.

ever try a pole?

got a pole
I bought a pole. My 110" paddle by Mohawk works much better. The paddle has lasted over 10 years of abuse. I can pole , paddle standing, paddle seated, and would rather use it in whitewater than a single blade. It’s down fall is it is heavy. For long flat water runs I carry a BB bent shaft single blade. I can’t see why anyone would use a stick to propel their canoe.

try Yoga. . . it works better and for a more lasting effect!

Gave up kneeling when I gave up church
don’t miss either. my knees prefer my kayak.