finally, getting my cooke cover

i’ve wanted one of these for years. now that the vhf, gps, downwind sail, sliding bucket seat, float bags, deck lines and d-rings are done, it’s on to the cooke cover. it’s for my rob roy and was sent out today. hurray, for me. :slight_smile:

…I have one my wife & daughter-in-law made for me, and I can really tell the difference in reducing windage. Not as sturdy as a Cooke, as I’m having adhesive problems for the velcro attachments, but it really helps. I have it on a WNN Vagabond.

I only have a little work left to do
on mine. Cliff Jacobson’s book left out a lot of details that I had to fill in when doing the project. Once I got over the trepidation of drilling into my kevlar canoe to install the snaps though the project went smoothly. I used the center section last Fall when tripping.

you have more skills than me
i’m building a boat right now, but can’t do the sewing thing, yet. i’d love to make my own sails someday. that’s a long ways off, though.

ne sew sails

Works with Tyvek, polytarp, visqueen…

Their stuff looks quality. Let us know how it goes. Especially if you get some wind.

will do
and yes, i’ll definitely get into some wind.