Finally got it !!

WOO HOO , i finally bought my fising kayak! I went with the Walden Cuda, I love it. Thanks to Mindyy for helping me pick it out and taking me out on sunday to get use to it. Its all rigged up and ready for its first fish tomorrow.Im going to catch the biggest carp on the river !!

Have Fun!

Paddling AND fishing… What a life!

Congrads on your new fishing machine. Hope the fish gods smile on you.

Ten thumbs up!
Sorry. I’ve been practicing fly fishing knots all day and I feel like I’m all thumbs.

Go get em!

Cool!!, Rip some lips!

Fish away…
Congrats! Good luck.

went fishing
Well went fishing yesterday afternoon. Saw some of the biggest carp ever , one even ran into my yak and almost flipped me. Alas a big thunderstorm rolled in and i didnt get to fish for more than 30 minutes. NO FISH … but im going back this sunday and if i have to jump out of my yak and wrestle one im going to get one !!!

carpe carpem!
Loosely translated: Seize the carp. Keep us posted and have fun.