Finally got out for some Fall Camping

Im from Ma was interested in a trip like this next year, do you have ti make reservations for these campsites or are they 1st come type? Thanks

Well, at long last I did, too.
It was just a very small overnight jaunt on the Wisconsin River of the sort that we routinely did on most weekends back in the days where shuttles weren’t worrisome due to covid. Its not really worthy of a real report, so I won’t do one. We did a mere 16 miles, from Lone Rock to Muscoda, starting at about 2:00 Sat and ending at about 3:00 on Sunday with a river camp about half way. GuideboatGuy, SisterRena, Linda and I were the principal cast of characters, though we were met on the second day by a friend (Sarah) from Viroqua who joined us from the Pine River confluence to Muscoda. . This was no expedition but, gad zooks, it felt good to be out on the river paddling and camping again. Makes one feel about like my old self again. Good, though not yet peak, colors. Looked like this.
Starting out:

Our camp:

Sunset view from camp:

Rena, Eric and Sarah:

Lunch stop site:

Typical scene:

Just gotta’ love a big old easy river like this. Adventures great and small.

I know that area fairly well but I don’t know where Wilson’s Mills is. Also? Holy smackers that’s a lot of paddling. I love it up there. We do at least one trip up to Umbagog every year. We probably would have tried out some remote camping this year but the state sites were closed (as you found out).

Some day? If you haven’t done it already? Head up toward Wentworth’s Location but launch at the one just before it. It’s awesome. Also? Go a bit further north toward Pittsburg and head to East Inlet. You won’t be disappointed.

ETA: Also? Stark? That’s where our Jeep introduced itself to a turkey.

ETA (again): Looking at your Flickr! stream. Nice paddle. I love mine.

I can only speak to the sites run by the State of NH. You need to reserve them ahead of time (generally). But if there’s a site open you can reserve it. Be warned that if you need transport to the remote sites you’ll need to reserve transport boat. Umbagog is about 10 miles or so from top to bottom but don’t let it’s dimensions deceive you. It can get brutally windy w/real chop. So, if you’re not up to that? Take the boat.

Ok great - thank you !

Jan 11. Now it is time to plan some spring trips.

I could use a trip right now - never mind spring.

I’d love to do the St. Croix up in ME, or maybe try for the Allagash this spring. My wish list from last year:

How about you - what are you thinking of.