Finally got out in my Cayman 124F fishing kayak on the river!

As seen from the photos, here in Virginia, the James River is very muddy, murky, etc… from all the rain we’ve had. Thankfully the river isn’t roaring and hitting that “flood stage” they always warn about. The river was seriously low, where it you were to venture out on a few sections, you might bottom out on the rocks!

No smallmouth bass or anything… I kept getting hung up in debris, like floating seaweed, leaves, small twigs, etc…

But at least I was finally able to get out on the water! (EDIT: Like my vintage gear? Mid 70’s Daiwa medium action pole, and an equally vintage 60’s South Bend reel!)

In the distance up ahead, is the 288 expressway bridge over the river.

Congrats! Looks like a good day on the water.

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