Because of a skin condition, my paddling has been non-existent! Father’s day is tradition. Big floppy hat, tube thingy around my neck and lot’s of sunscreen.

glad to hear you are getting out again Andy even if only on a special day. hope the paddle was wonderful therapy.

Yeah, Andy! Remember to reapply sunscreen every two hours. Happy dads day.

Good news!

Another photo from today

Nice - glad you got out - is that Split Rock? Haven’t been there in a long while…

Yes, Split Rock. Put in and takeout still sucks!

What kind of boat is that?

Did you have to wear that funnel collar?

Kajaksport Artisan Millennium

That kayak is indeed a beauty, and a model you don’t see too often.

15 years old and I do know several people that have one. But they are not common.

On a five day trip to Lake Azichohos in Maine.

@Andy_Szymczak said:
Yes, Split Rock. Put in and takeout still sucks!

Well, I guess it keeps some of the riff-raff away. That ‘beach’ is still better than the place where you have to step down 2 ft to a rocky shelf…

Beautiful boat! Glad you got to paddle it.
(Waiting patiently myself for some spots to heal that the dermatologist frozed and scooped yesterday).

Actinic Keratosis is what I have, on the tail end of treatment. Carac cream has cleaned up the areas that were tender and constantly flaking. 2 weeks more for a clear face. I look like I have a severe sunburn on my cheeks and nose.

Been there. A couple of places it ate a hole in my face that scarred. It is an ugly process.