Find the still paddle Wisconsin

-- Last Updated: Apr-20-15 12:18 PM EST --

I was sitting in an old fashioned hardware store. It is located on Main Street hustisford Wi. Mikes Hardware! Squeaky wood floor. 100 plus years old building. Old fashioned store front and service. A big padded bench old guys sit on and gossip.

Well I was talking to an old farmer he and his friend canoed the river ran into a tree blocking the river. They dragged the canoe around the snag and went in up to the knees in the mud.
I paddled the same stretch but I went up stream to the snag and did a u turn. I saw the tracks and laughed.
We both chucked and he said did you see the old still?
I said no.
He then gave me directions to the still!
Now this is my kind of adventure find and take pictures of the still!
Looks too cold for the next week or so but after that anybody want to go with on the still mission should be a fun day!
PITO at Harnischfeger Park on the rock rover in dodge co. north a few miles to the x on the treasure map.