Finding a Class

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Hey everybody,

I have a dilemma. The GF and I are just getting into Kayaking and want to have formal training. However, I can't seem to find any classes or instructors here in the Twin Cities (MN).

In fact, the closest one I could find was in Madision, WI which is about 5 hours away.

So if anybody knows of instructors or classes that are held around the Twin Cities, please let me know!

A little about what we want to accomplish; We will mostly be going on flat water, and slow moving rivers. However, I will want to get into some class II rapids at some point as well.

We’re in a similar "boat"
My s.o. asked the last time we were at Midwest Mtn. and was given the name of Jerome (works there–very knowledgable) who offers individual lessons.

Have you looked into Three Rivers Parks? Seems they offer a ton of variety in their class offerings…I wonder if they would have anything.

You know, we were just at Midwest Mountaineering and we didn’t even bother to ask…

Three Rivers you say? I will have to look into them. Thanks!

Found this

I’m not sure if we can paste links here, but I found this.

Just found it also

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Just found the same info and was coming back to let you know! Looks like they've got a nice variety to help move skills forward (even how to roll).

If you find anything else, post it up and I'll do the same.

some of the local paddle shops.They should be able to help.