Finding a favorite canoe

Hi everybody, does anyone have any ideas for finding some older classic canoes? I,m looking for Curtis canoes made in the 80’s. The builder, Dave Curtis is keeping his eyes open for me and I check our site and Craigslist often but have not had any luck. Looking for Kevlar Blurgill and Kevlar Lady Bug. If you have any other Curtis boats from the eighties you would like to sell, contact me as I’ve met many paddlers who might be interested in yours. Dave has organized another demo night at Mendon Ponds Park near Rochester NY for 24 August 2017 lf anyone would like to join us. My contacts are: or 585-899-0695. Regards, Bulldog (Tom)

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Just contact yanoer. He has everything.

Thanks but how do I find tamper?
Having a little trouble navigating this site.

Actually, I was making a bit of a smart alec comment, but if memory serves I believe Dave does have one or two Lady Bugs. I don’t know that he wishes to sell anything but you might send him a PM and get his impressions. He has acquired and sold a lot of boats over the years, and could possibly know where one is. Just do a search for username Yanoer.

Apart from that, I would think that Dave Curtis would be your best bet. The north central and northeast area of the country will likely have more old Curtis canoes than anywhere else.

We have a paddler in our club with a bluegill. It’s a lovely canoe but not quite what she wants.

Wish I could join you on the 24th Tom, but I will be down on Seneca Lake. I don’t see your name on roster of the Rochester Indoor and Outdoor Sports and Recreation Meet-Up Group. I think there may be some Curtis owners in the group, ya never know. Maybe Colden Canoe in Buffalo will make the Ladybug again someday, they are supposed to have the mold. They have some other great classics you may be interested in.

I do have two Lady Bugs - one Kevlar at 32# and one fiberglass with overbuilt tropical wood gunwales and multiple colors of paint showing that weighs 50# and has the seat mounted with a reverse tilt. I refer to the latter as the Ugly Bug because, well, its ugly.

Both are sweet paddling boats. I have a Wenonah sliding foot brace in the Kevlar version. The heavier one doesn’t get used much because I prefer lifting, carrying and loading lighter boats on the car.

I sold my Curtis Vagabond because the gunwales were too wide in front of the seat for my small stature of 5’6". The current owner is taller with longer arms and loves that boat.

That’s all I’ve got time for right now.

I haven’t checked to see where you live, but we might be able to set up a test paddle.

I also have two Bell Flashfires, a Merlin II, carbon Yellowstone Solo and Magic.

Also a royalex Wenonah Sandpiper in a similar size class to the Lady Bug.

I hope you find what you’re looking for.