finding a Sea Sock

I am looking for a sea sock to fit my touring sea kayak. Where can I find them. There are none localy and a Google search did not find one either.

You must have missed it
I typed in “sea sock”, had to look around a bit, but found them on the first site that came up, Feathercraft. They have this:

Sea Sock - nylon - $ 102

Sea Sock with neoprene rim grip - $141

Sea Sock with neoprene rim grip - upgrade - $43

Sea Sock with neoprene rim grip - for K2 Stern - $166

Para-tech sea anchor
Try the above…

Stohlquist makes a nice one
Got mine at Sierra Trading Post. If you are handy with a sewing needle, I have a Feathercraft sock you can have for the price of postage.

hey Chuck
If Fropsty doesn’t want it and you still want to part with it please let me know?


It is ripped in a few spots around the rand, but still should function.


e-mail me if it is available and we can work out the shiping and cost etc.


Frosty laid claim already, Sorry.

home made sea sock
just take an old sock and tie some string to it. Then drag it behind you.

I saw the Feathercraft but was not sure they would work with my boat. And I thought it would easy to find one elseware. I may contact them and see what cockpit sizes they have.

sea sock
I checked Stolquist and Sierra Trading Post and did not see one.

sea sock
I thought about that but I don’t have a fishing license and may have trouble with the game warden.

I also thought about extra large pantyhose but I can’t find any waterproof ones.