Finding A Supplier

Could I get someone to advise me as to where I can purchase a canoe spray cover. I have a 16 ft Dagger with a 37 inch width. I would like to cover it like you would a kayak. Thanks EJ

some options

Yes, and Cooke Custom Sewing
has excellent quality, too. That’s the only one I have experience with.


Try this
If you live in an area where there is a custom tarp or awning maker take the boat in and show them what you want, preferably with a good photo of a cover on another boat. Usually these guys are fantastic sewers and they have all the stuff needed, stainless hardware, snaps, rivits, glass ribs, and cloth to do the job. I have one in town who can make and install anything if you can catch him when he’s not busy.

Call this guy…
Butch Dunn of PackLite Outdoor Gear. He has a little factory that produces backpacks and custom covers for expeditions. I saw his wife creating almost exactly what you are describing a few months ago.

PackLite Outdoor Gear

Carbondale, Illinois


Good Luck,


Really like my spraydeck from Cookes
well worth the $295.