Finding a used kayak

Other than the classifieds, where else is a good place to look for a used sea kayak? I’m not aware of any websites that specifically search classified ads online, but that would be really helpful.


Don’t know about Ohio,
But since you’re close enough to MI, here’s one:

This will search a bunch of MI classifieds from newspapers.


Always worth a try.

Local sporting and outdoor stores. Frequently they have bulletin boards for for sale ads.

Used Kayak Sources
Try Outdoor and craigslist (use google to search and when on the website, click the city closest to you, then go to sporting goods for classifieds).
Connecticut Kayak club. Great website and classifieds with super deals.

Sunday Newspaper
If all eles fail check the Classified Ads in the Sunday newspaper.

Local Paddling Clubs
in your area…Local Outfitters (EMS usually has a sale in late May)…I like the idea of something local because it allows you to try try try before you buy…and allows you to look the boat over carefully.

Try this…
Check our

find the closest large city to you. Click on Boats and do a search for Kayak. I found 50 hits in Seattle alone.

at the Biscayne Bay-side Coconut Grove Marina…

You might ask around any area where water sports are participated in -and don’t forget, you can put your own ad here at P.NET -

A WANT ad…!

That’s a good way to perhaps hook up with someone who might need -shall we say encouragemnt, a little prodding -to sell (who really WANTS to get rid of a boat…?) and will if there’s an interest in their boat.

May you find one soon, so you can get out there this summer and


-Frank in Miami