finding easy destinations in Georgia

My wife and I are both experienced sailors and recently got into recreational Kayaking. As we are seniors over 50 we are looking for information about destinations in Georgia or South Carolina that we could easily handle. Please point us in the right direction.

Try the Edisto in South Carolina.
Quite a few access parks, at least one good outfitter. You can use rec kayaks on some of the easy whitewater rivers, though personally I wouldn’t. There is a long, easy section of the Flint in central Georgia ending at Spewrell Bluff State Park. Goes through the Pine Mountain ridges. These are just a few suggestions. If you get into whitewater, even fairly easy whitewater, I think you would be better off in a sit-on-top designed for WW. Or a canoe. But I have seen first time customers of the Broad River Outpost (google for it, you’ll get them easily) getting down impressive class 2 ledge systems in rec kayaks. Everything in GA and SC is pretty low right now. You might check out coastal rivers for the time being.

Thanks, good advice
We used to sail coastal SC and it will be great to get into areas on the water where sailbots can’t go

Greetings hansc38

I’m forty five and I still feel like a kid. What part of Georgia are you interested in paddling? There are many great paddles along the coast. Our club (FSKA, goes on trips to Georgia a lot. You are welcome to come and join us. Where are you located? We mainly travel up from Jacksonville, Fl. to about the mid way up the coast of Georgia and all points in between.


A couple of good spots
St Marys Island area and the Okeefeenokee Swamp.

Just watch the tides out at the St Marys area.



Lake Jocassee in NW SC.

just recently celebrated his 12th b-day.

no kidding!

tugaloo lake
on GA SC border. Junction of Chattooga/Tallulah Rivers. Can paddle up to last rapids of section 4 of Chattooga and up into part of Tallulah Gorge. 25 HP motor limit. No development on this gem. Access from Tallulah Falls area. ask at state park for directions. This has a steep gravel road access. Rear wheel drive cars and pickups sometimes have trouble coming out. I make it fine with a front wheel drive. Access also from near Long Creek SC. This is the take out for section 4 Chattooga. Long drive in, but good gravel road with steep part paved.

Pick up a guide book at your local bookstore or for your state or surrounding states.

They usually have 20-30 paddling ideas with grading skill levels, mileage, directions, historical points of interest.

They are really helpful in finding popular paddling places and cutting through the mystery’s of where to put in, take out, etc.

I know Falcon books has one for the Okefenokee Swamp and most likely available for Georgia, SC, NC and definately Florida having numerous.



Easy kayak trips
Suzanne Welander just finished a revision of the classic Sehlinger and Otey book A paddler’s Guide to Georgia. Excellent, highly detailed book, although limited to rivers, not lakes. You’ll especially enjoy the sea kayaking essay at the back. I enjoyed writing it.

Another option: go to and go on some of their day, and eventually overnight, paddles.

See you on the water.


Actually, RWD should have less
trouble than FWD. They encourage people to use 4WD or AWD. We got in and out OK using both our Subaru with AWD and our Honda with FWD, but then, I have an intelligent clutch foot, so I didn’t slip much on the way out.

It is still possible to get on Lake Tugaloo from down by the dam, but you have to carry your boat about 200 yards from where the road is gated off to the old boat ramp near the dam. They closed this area (ostensibly) because no-accounts were driving in and partying at the old Tugaloo boat ramp.

Hey chazmaz
Good to hear from you…even if it is in the form of a jab! Paddling this weekend? I hope so.

See you soon!


Georgia Rivers
Don’t overlook the Flint on the west side of the state. It’s a very scenic river and one of my favorites.