Finding parts to maintain our Necky kayaks

Our Necky kayaks, though well cared for, are in need of some maintenance. I am having a terrible time finding replacement seats for the Elias and Eliza models as they are shallow and narrow cockpits. The nylon straps of their cross lock hatch system need replacing as well. We love these boats but need a resource to keep them in good condition for our trips. Any help would be great. Johnson (Old Towne) didn’t offer much in the way being able to source Necky parts, but it’s probably not in their interest to do so. Thx.

Try They stock a lot of obsolete boat parts and have detailed information on determining if they are what your models need. I just got a pair of VERY rare neoprene inner hatch covers from them for a Perception model that has not been in production since 2007 as well as replacement buckles for an old Perception adjustable seat model.


Picture of your seats may help.

The mounts are 17.5" wide and the cockpit is 8.5" deep.


TopKayaker is your best bet for used parts: Kayak Parts : TopKayaker, Your Online Outfitter

I’m not aware of anywhere that has that style of seat still available. If they are truly to the point of needing to be replaced, your best bet may be to carve your own out of minicell foam, adapt a different model of seat, or buy something like the Happy Bottom seat from CLC or a Bumfortable seat.

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Thank you willowleaf. Found and purchased the nylon hatch straps needed.

Current Designs wide base seat is 17" but legs will open more. Then use there seat back or install a new back band. I’m supposed to have a new one in few days. Actually 10 days ago but they screwed my order up and it never shipped. I could take some pictures. Most of my CD hulls had standard 16" seat so I have swapped 5 so far. I don’t even use the seat pad bases.