Finger Lakes and Lake Ontario Kayaking

I was just just wondering if there was a group that does 20 or 30 mile long paddles near the Finger lakes and Lake Ontario. I am looking for decently fast paddling but not really racing. Most of the clubs that I know of around Binghamton/Ithaca seem to be either floaters or racers but there must be some active longer range paddling groups I’m hoping. Thanks for you help!



Have U tried the website to try and find a suitable group? sounds like your into distance /endurance paddling , that might be a hard group to find. good luck

Finger Lakes
The Genesee Valley chapter of the Adirondake Mountain Club. They do a lot of nice long paddles.

I have circumnavigated all of the Finger lakes. They are great to paddle. Watch the wind.


i forgot…
…U can check out the kayak shop groups @ >> or and see if they do, or know of , any long distance paddles.