Fingerlakes - New York State paddling

Greetings Gang!!

(Sorry, kinda long)

My husband and I are looking for some information on an area in fingerlakes N.Y. - specifically southern Lake Seneca (Watkins Glenn) and the Catharine Marsh complex. I know nothing about this area but it looks really interesting to kayak in and very scenic(we love scenic!). A few questions for anyone in that area and who’s been there. We’re traveling from Pennsylvania (next month). We have Emotion Glide Kayaks (if you needed to know).

Any suggestions about paddling in this area? What’s the best place to put-in? I’ve seen a couple locations (on Launch Site App) Lakeside Park or Catharine Creek Inlet. Anything you’d recommend? I’d prefer a popular put-in location with facilities (if possible). I don’t mind paying any park fees for a nice open parking area & safe put-in.

Am I required to have a Kayak permit or Launch permit? Pennsylvania requires a launch permit - which we have for both kayaks. And of course, life vests & safety whistles. This will be a one-day kayaking thing and not the whole day…just get in, paddle around and enjoy the day (length will depend on the weather - lol). One day permit would be nice.

We’re just winging this short vacation…and just love scenery. We’re also going to do the Gorge Trail. I’ve heard its beautiful!! Any other suggestions for the area. We love a good craft beer, pubs, burgers…etc.

Thanks for your time!!!


I get back to NY once a year or so…
and I haven’t heard of any launch permits. I think it’s safe to say you won’t pay a fee.

Watkins Glenn is a very beautiful place, very worth the hike. Craft breweries and local wineries abound in the Finger Lakes region.

Sorry I can’t provide more detail, I moved away a long time ago.