fingers crossed

After several months of waiting the Mirage 580 is close. The customs broker informed me today that it is en route form NYC to Knoxville, TN and will go through customs in Knoxville at Tyson-McGee airport.

I find it fascinating that something so long can be shipped so very far…of course we’ve all heard stories of composite boats getting ‘fractured’ during solo shipping-maybe even a 20% destruction rate. So my fingers are crossed that this one little kayak will make the journey intact.

I intend to make this a sailing kayak and have been styding the sail rigs used in AUS and Tasmania, currently leaning toward the ones used in Tasmania

OK, if any of you wouldnt mind, please cross your fingers :slight_smile:

scratch and dent
It’s going to show up all scratched and dented. If it doesn’t, you need to tie it to the back of your truck and drive around the parking lot a couple of times so it gets good and scratched. That way you get over it quickly and you can actually go paddle?


I paddled with one a few months ago, I believe from Michigan. He did put his sail up on one downwind run… really p____ us off. :slight_smile:

scratched and dented :frowning:
why do you wish this on me brazilbrazil???

OK, i’ll take some scratches–they’ll happen anyway, but i’ll pass on anything from a fork lift.

Donna 4655
This is for Donna:

If you see this, here’s another thread I would call ill-named (“fingers crossed” doesn’t tell my what it’s about) and mislocated (it doesn’t ask for advice or suggestions, although I suppose you could say it asks for superstitious help).

mea culprit
I see this board and some of the hiking boards as a virtual table where hikers/paddles sit around when not hiking or paddling and have a micro-brewed beer…no stress, generally talking about the days trip, gear, weather or the cute waitress. When sipping a cold beer I usually dont fret too much over who started the topic, where it ends or any draconian delineation of where the topic leads. You might say I’m relaxed here as well as the real pub. Maybe you need a comb to get the nits?

Looked it up. Thats a pretty boat.

well its different, reminds
me of the nordkapp jubilee from cockpit to bow and the back hatch is remiscient of a QCC but even larger. It’s the only way to try the integral rudder that I know of.

If it makes it I’ll be comparing its speed with the Looksha II and the QCC700, and comparing its factory bilge pump with what I’ve done with Rapid Runners. The sailing might be fun, i’ve been boardsailing for almost 20 years and always complained that it was a ‘contained’ sport, contained in the sense that you cant take camping gear on a sailboard…well I guess you could but it would be a small kit.

AUS v Tas

I trust your 580 arrives in the condition you expect- scratchless. With reference to studying sailing rigs used in Australia and Tasmania, I need to point out that Tasmania is (part of) Australia, that is, it’s one of the Australian States. It would be a bit like saying the United States and Hawaii, although Tasmanians (of which I’m not) are probably more sensitive about it.

Happy paddling with the new boat, when it arrives.

Well the same confusion arises
With England & Britain.

truly apologize if any were offended…
I am fully aware of the status of Tasmania and Australia. That said I often wonder if California is part of the United States but that is from a conservative versus liberal analysis. I would reckon that Tas and the greater AUS are a politically unified entity save a heretic here and there.

I was fully invested in a strong desire to visit Tasmania when I saw picture of the national parks therein, alas I also discovered factiods depicting the quanity of Tiger Snake extant…there went the fantasies of doing anything on that island state.

All said with great admiration for anything Aussie; a great stand of people.