Finished my baidarka!!

Finally after 4-1/2 months of effort I completed my traditional baidarka at the end of September. I’m fine tuning the outfitting, but will probably try paddling tomorrow AM in a local lake, then try saltwater on Oct 14th or 15th.


Weight with paddle - 31#

Length - 16’4"

Width - 21"

Woods used (boat) - red cedar, yellow cedar and white oak

Woods used (paddle)- red cedar, spruce

Does nit float - ???

Speed - ???

Hope to paddle early tomorrow…

The credit for the intellectual guidance and material selection goes to Corey Freedman in Anacotes, WA.

Outstanding!! n/p

Very Nice!
You chosen to use a rope coaming. Tell us how that performs in terms water tightness. I had wondered about that.

Give pics of the stern and bow. Those are parts that contribute to the uniqueness of the Baidarka.

You naming her?


Looks like it will float and then some
Post more pics, this is really cool.

Nice! Yes, need more pics!
I love checking out all of the hand made (especially self made) boats, paddles, and accessories. Very inspiring.


A REAL beauty!
Great job…beautiful lines…more pics?

Are you familiar with:


Very cool- enjoy it.

Sorry…more pics
try this…

Very, Very Nice!
she looks beautiful. I still have enough wood stored in the basement for 1 long (18’) and 2 short (14’) SOFs. I have been toying with the idea of a baidarka…


Very, very nice!!!
Thanks for posting pics so we can all enjoy your hard work.

Very nice
Looks like the Aleut from page 17 in Zimmerly’s book. Did you use that for a guide?

I’ll hopfully do the one on page 16 sometime soon.

It paddled, it floated, no leaks…
Just a mile or two in a small lake, but it was fast… 12 to 14 strokes to top speed, it is tippy (didn’t quite tip it but 21" is narrow) and it tracked well. Now let me find some real water.


I Am Still Intrigued
by the rocket of a baidarka shown in Morris’ book but I think it’s too long for me (won’t be able to build it even in my basement). Maybe a modified, slightly shorter version.


Beautiful! You did a geat job!!

Far more patience than I, Gotta love that good quality wood work.



Nice Job!!!
Great work on detail and fit and finish…

If it paddles anything like it looks you should have a perpetual grin on your face!